Monday, February 13, 2012

Tutu Shorts Costume Tutorial

One of my girls at dance picked out a costume online that was way too expensive for what it was.  I knew that I could make her the same thing for way less.  Also, I could add the embellishments as it was being made.

Here is our inspiration from The Line Up costume company:

Materials Needed:
Black Spandex "Booty" Shorts
Red Tulle
Black Tulle
Black Elastic
Black thread and needle
Straight Pins
Rhinestones (optional)
E6000 Glue (optional)

Step 1: Cut the elastic 2 inches longer than the shorts width.  The tutu will just be on the back side of the shorts, so this elastic just needs to be longer than the back width.  I cut the elastic to 14 inches long.

Step 2: Cut the tulle in 28 inch strips at a diagonal on both ends.  I wanted more red than black so I cut out  12 red strips and 7 black strips.

Step 3: Tie the strips onto the elastic band using a slip knot.  Begin in the center with a black strip and work your way to the outside.  Keep the pattern: black, red, red.  Make sure to end with a black strip on both sides.

Step 4: Pin the half tutu to the back of the shorts at the waist band.  Once again, begin in the center and work your way to the end.

Step 5: With your threaded needle, hand stitch in between each knot on the elastic band.  Be sure to sew the tutu on securely with a couple of stitches between each knot.  For the edges, I folded over the excess elastic and sewed it under the tutu.  This gives a clean and finished look at the end of the half tutu.

Step 6: Decide where the rhinestones will go and glue them on with the E6000.  I want the rhinestones to go on each knot so that there is some bling from the back.

I hope you enjoyed my first "knock off" tutorial!  The matching top tutorial will be coming later this week!  Stay tuned!
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  1. How fun! I never would of though to put them on shorts. Great idea :)

  2. Super cute shorts! I might just have to make something like this for my daughter. I'm a follower now!

  3. Very, very cute! What a great idea! So happy to have you @ Show & Share last week!

  4. These are so cute. I would like to invite you to share at our Sharing Saturday at This week's closes on Wednesday and a new one will begin on Friday night. Thank you!


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