Monday, June 18, 2012

Dress Quilt

For the past several weeks, I have been working on this adorable quilt featuring little girls' old t-shirts and dresses!

I was asked to make a quilt using little girls' t-shirts and dresses.  Their mom wanted the dresses to keep their shape so that she could remember those sweet memories they had!

I began by making the outer edges of the quilt with the t-shirts.  I used this template roughly, adjusting the sizes to fit my needs.

For the inner section, I added a large pink rectangle to the vertical sides.  From here I added the dresses and skirts.

I didn't want to just sew the full dress on the quilt so I cut out the back.  I kept about an inch of fabric at the fold so that I was left with a clean edge.

I then serged the cut edge.

Here is the back of the whale dress.

I then pinned the dress straight on to the pink background fabric.

Next, I sewed down the dress keeping close to the edge.

Here is the finished quilt!  I just love how it turned out as a complete girly quilt!

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  1. I love your quilt! I love it when others enjoy getting creative and artsy w/ their quilts as well and think outside the box! :D I was wondering if you quilted it yourself after you pieced and appliqued it, or if you sent it out? If you did quilt it, do you use a regular sized sewing machine, or more of a long-arm frame? Thanks for all your tutorials, I love your site! :) I have Etsy, FB, and Twitter accounts too--You can find me at Cure Endo Quilts if you'd like! <3


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