Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Good Luck Gifts

For competition, I made my solo students little metal candy tins as a good luck gift.  I only have four girls who are doing solos at recital, but I wanted to do the same thing for them as my other girls.  Here is my recital edition of this easy gift idea!
I got these metal tins at Michael's in a bulk pack.  I filled the tins with Skittles.

I then cut out a cute shape on card stock with my Cricut machine.

I am using the same stickers from my Nail Polish Gifts!

I put the stickers on the card stock.

I then used hot glue to attach the tag to the top of the metal tin.


  1. Amy - too cute! What cricut cartridge did you use? -- Donna Edrington

  2. Thanks Donna! I used the "Just Because" Cards cartridge- its the "grow" card.


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