Thursday, July 5, 2012

Barn Yard First Birthday: Party Hat

This party hat was an adorable match to the barn yard overalls and bunting I created!

I began this hat by ironing the denim and white fabric to a thick, fusible stabilizer.

Using this pattern, I cut the hat shape out.

I then cut the yellow gingham circle and the red felt 1.

Here are all my fabric pieces.

i found it easiest to sew the 1 first, close to the edges.

Then pin the gingham circle to the center of the party hat.

Using the zig zag stitch, sew a circle around the edge of the yellow gingham fabric.

I then pinned ric-rac around the bottom edge of the hat.

Sew down the ric-rac.

Turn the hat inside out and sew the seam where the two straight edges meet.

If you end with frayed edges on the ric-rac, glue them to the inside of the hat.

To finish the hat, turn it inside out and glue white cord elastic to the inside.  To give this a finished look, glue a piece of white felt over the elastic.

I loved this barn yard party!

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