Thursday, July 26, 2012

Queen Bee Hair Bow Antennae Tutorial

You have to have sweet bumble bees flying around when hosting a Queen Bee themed birthday party, and these antennae are perfect for just that!  This easy tutorial will have all of your guests buzzing around!

Supplies Needed:
30" 1 1/2" width grosgrain ribbon
3" 3/8" width grosgrain ribbon
2" flower
2 alligator clips
1" felt circle
Black headband
2 black pipe cleaners
2 large yellow pom pom balls
Hot glue gun
Needle and thread
Wood Burner Tool (optional)

To make the boutique style hair bows, you can use my previous tutorial.  I have also listed the steps below and I will add new pictures soon!

Step 1: Use the wood burner tool to seal the edges of the ribbon at a diagonal.

Step 2: Fold the ribbon to make an oval, overlapping the ribbon two times.

Step 3: Pull the ribbon out to make an x shape.

Step 4: Sew up the middle of the ribbon with a needle and thread.

Step 4: Before tying a knot, pinch the center of the bow and wrap the thread around two times.  Tie a knot.

Step 5: Glue the bow the center of an alligator clip.

Step 6: Tie the 3/8" width ribbon in a double knot.  Wrap this ribbon around the bow, glueing it down on the alligator clip.

Step 7: Put hot glue on one side of the felt circle and attach it to the alligator clip facing up.  Quickly attach the flower to the felt.

Step 8: Fold the two black pipe cleaners in half.  At the fold, put a small amount of hot glue on the pipe cleaner.  Attach this to the headband in the desired antenna spot.

Step 9: Twist the pipe cleaners tightly.  If they are too long, you can use wire cutters to make them shorter.

Step 10: Put glue on the top of the pipe cleaners and attach the yellow pom-poms.

Step 11: Clip the flower clip on the bow.

Step 12: My headbands have a loop on them where I could clip on the flower bow.  If yours does not, then you could use the 3/8" width ribbon and create a loop using hot glue to attach it.

There are endless possibilities of the color combinations you can create!  I made five of these for the party guests!  Below are the different styles.

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