Monday, July 2, 2012

Barn Yard First Birthday: Overalls

The birthday boy got to wear these overalls to his bard yard birthday!  This sweet one year old looked awesome in his themed party outfit!

I began this project with this pair of overalls!  The crab was cute, but it did not match the adorable barn yard theme!

I couldn't find a matching denim color to hide the crab, but I really liked how the denims went together!

With felt, I cut out a barn and number one based off of my Cricut die cuts.  I then hand sewed on the felt shapes.

On the front right leg, I added a green gingham patch and a felt cow!

On the back side, I added another gingham patch but this one was yellow with a pink pig on it.

On the right back side, I added a pocket with a handkerchief hanging out of it! 

Here is the font of the overalls:

And the back:

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