Monday, July 16, 2012

New Blog Design :)

Amy Giggles Designs is moving up in the world!  I got my own web hosting and domain name!  Since I will soon be operating on Wordpress, I wanted to give my blog a new design.

Here is the current design:

I'm pretty much obsessed with branding, including logos, color schemes, etc.  But I am also really interested in web design and I think that's why I want to change up my blog design so frequently.

Here is a snippet of what my new blog will look like!  I keep adding to the design so it should have some cool elements when it is complete!

What do you think?  I wanted it to still be fun but not so overwhelming!

There is a lot happening at Amy Giggles Designs, partially because I have too many goals to achieve and projects I would like to do!  Stay tuned!

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