Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Hanging Heart Tutorial

Valentine's Hanging Heart Tutorial

This tutorial is a quick and easy Valentine's decoration that could be used in the home or even to embellish a gift!

Supplies Needed:
1/8 yard of Red Ticking Fabric
7" strip of Red Grosgrain Ribbon
Sewing Machine with Red Thread
Polyester Stuffing
Pen and Paper
Straight Pins

Step 1: Cut ribbon 7 inches long.  Do not worry about sealing the edges, but you can if you would like.

Step 2: Freehand a heart on a piece of paper.  I made mine about 8 inches tall.  If you do not like to draw, you can always find a heart online and print it out.

Step 3: Cut out the heart.

Step 4: Pin the paper heart to the fabric.  I doubled up the fabric so that the right side was facing out.  Cut two pieces at once to save time.

Step 5: Fold the ribbon in half and pin on the inside of the two hearts at the center.

Step 6: Continue to pin the two fabric hearts together, right side out.

Step 7: Begin to sew the two hearts together.  Start at the bottom point and be sure to catch the ribbon in your stitches.  Be sure not to sew the heart shut before you stuff it.

Step 8: Once you get about 3 inches away to the end, fill your heart with stuffing.  Keep the presser foot in place and try not to move the fabric while doing so.

Step 9: Finish sewing the heart to the tip.

Step 10: Adjust the stuffing so that it is equally spread out.

Step 11: To make the heart look a little rustic, I picked at the edges to begin fraying.

Here is my heart on a side table.

And here it is on my dress form (named Sally).

Enjoy your heart!

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