Monday, April 9, 2012

Floating Desk

I needed a desk in my room, but I do not have the room to take up more floor space.  I originally saw this desk and knew I wanted a similar one for my room.  Then I came across this desk and immediately knew the two could be combined!

To make this floating desk, I started with a plain stair tread.  I cut it down to 35 3/4" length.  We also cut the 1" x 3" boards to the size we needed.
The stair tread and the three 1" x 3" boards were then attached to the front and sides.
To finish the look, we added the trim on the top of the front and sides.

Here is the top view of the desk.  You can see where the trim meets the stair tread.

I love these small wooded brackets used to support the desk.  We did not worry about painting the bottom of the desk.  I knew that it would not show.

Here is my full desk area with my new chalk and cork board!

I made this stool a couple of years ago.  I love all three pieces together!

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  1. This is super cute! And just the perfect size.. love it!


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