Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Hair Bows Day 2

Double Layered Red and Green Bow

Supplies Needed:
22" of 1 1/2" wide Red Grossgrain
22" of 1 1/2" wide Green Grossgrain
3 1/4" of 1/4" wide white ribbon strip
6" of 1/4" wide white ribbon strip
2 3/4" long metal barrette
Hot Glue and Gun
Needle and White Thread
Straight Pin
Wood burner tool (optional)
Stiffen Stuff Spray (optional)

Prepare the Ribbon:
Step 1: To prepare the ribbon, cut the 22" strips of red and green ribbon diagonally on the ends.  Take the wood burner tool to seal the edges.  If you do not have this tool, be sure to cut the ribbon diagonally.

Prepare the Barrette:
Step 2: To prepare the barrette, take the barrette apart by opening it and removing the middle piece.  Take the 3 1/4" long white ribbon and glue it to the top of the barrette.

Make the bows:
Step 3: These bows should be made just like my Red Stripe Bow from the Red Stripe Bow Tutorial.  First roll one ribbon so that it loops around two times.

Step 4: Place a straight pin in the center of the loop and pull apart the two loops.

Step 5: Sew through the center of the ribbon and pinch the ribbon together to make the bow shape.

Step 6: Wrap the thread around at least two times and tie a knot on the back of the bow.

Here are the two bows:

Step 7: With your hot glue gun, glue the red bow on top of the green bow with one dime sized drop of glue in the center.  Glue the double layered bow onto the prepared barrette.

 Step 8: Glue the 6" strip of white ribbon to the end to the center of the barrette.  Wrap the ribbon around the entire bow and glue the other end on the barrette.  You will have some left over ribbon; just cut off the excess.

Step 9: Replace the center piece of the barrette.

Make sure that you fluff up the bow when you are finished.  A full bow will look better.  If you have the Stiffen Stuff Spray, use it here to keep the bow fluffed up.

Here is the flat bow:

Here is the full bow:

Enjoy your bow!

Be sure to look tomorrow for my ruffled ribbon barrette tutorial!

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