Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Hair Bows Day 3

Ruffle Barrette

Supplies Needed:
7" of 1 1/2" wide Red Polka Dot Grossgrain
3 1/4" of 1/4" wide white ribbon strip
2 3/4" long metal barrette
Hot Glue and Gun
Sewing Machine threaded with red thread
Wood burner tool (optional)

Prepare the Ribbon:
Step 1: The 7" strip of polka dot ribbon should be cut with a straight edge.  Take the wood burner tool and seal the edges.

Prepare the Barrette:
Step 2: To prepare the barrette, take the barrette apart by opening it and removing the middle piece.

Step 3: Take the 3 1/4" long white ribbon and glue it to the top of the barrette.

Sew the Bow:
Step 4: Take the polka dot ribbon and sew a straight line down the middle.  Use a larger stitch length for this.  When sewing, only backstitch in the beginning.  For the end, just sew straight off the ribbon.

Step 5: Cut the thread leaving about 6" to make the ruffle with.  Find which piece of thread was used on the bottom.  

Step 6: Hold the ribbon  and the bottom thread tight and pull apart, creating a ruffle.  Keep doing this until you are satisfied with the ruffle and it is about the size of your barrette.  Once you are finished, you may tie a knot with the two threads and cut off the excess thread.  

Attach the bow:
Step 7: Fold over the edges of the ribbon and glue them down.  This creates a clean edge.  

Step 8: Glue the ruffled ribbon onto the barrette.

Enjoy your ruffle barrette!

Here are my bows to give as gifts to one of my classes!

Come back tomorrow for my Christmas Tree Headbnd tutorial!

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